Connecticut Fair Housing Center

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Do you know what housing discrimination looks like?  Housing discrimination is illegal!  

Know your rights.  Click here for more information


National Associations of REALTORS® 

Code of Ethics

Duties to Clients and Customer: Articles 1 - 9

Duties to the Public: Articles 10 - 14

Duties to REALTORS®: Articles 15 - 17


Connecticut Department of Public Health 

Lead Paint - Click to open and download the "Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home" brochure. 

Connecticut Economic Resources Center (CERC)

The CERC Town Profiles are two-page summaries for each of the 169 municipalities in Connecticut.  They include Demographics, Economics, Education, Government, Housing/Real Estate, Labor Force and Other Information.

For education/school information, click here and then click on interested town/city. 

United States Environmental Protection Agency 

For real estate lead disclosures and pamphlet, click here.


Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

For a list of Contaminated or Potentially Contaminated Sites in Connecticut, click here